Actimar Greece - Shipmanagement

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Actimar employs dedicated shore personnel and specialists to take care of a wide range of requirements, covering the entire fleet of our Principals.

Technical Management

Our technical team of experienced professionals is constantly on the lookout for solutions for problems that may have not even arise yet, focusing strongly on:

    *Main Engine Performance (Power output performance fleet wide)

    *Lubricant (System oil and cylinder oil consumption vs. Liner wear)

    *Hull Performance (Paints used against dry docking Intervals)

    *Environmental Solutions (Sludge & oily water processing & disposal)

    *Security Fittings (Security lighting, surveillance and sensors)

New rules and regulations that are being implemented at a furious pace in today's shipping industry are constantly monitored and kept in pace with.

Actimar focuses on product-wise developments in the market and makes sure that Principals will be leading their market rather than allowing the market to lead them.

With strong statistic analysis techniques, our specialists make recommendations based on information that is constantly being collected from the fleet in comparison to the industry’s standards.

Analysis is done on the wear and tear of ships’ parts against the need for replacement.

The performance of each vessel is analyzed within the frame of the fleet, including monitoring trends in spares usage and reordering in advance to avoid unnecessary downtime. By keeping track of these indices, our specialists monitor the fleet as a whole to help us understand potential problem areas and ways to tackle them. With an extensive range of information accumulated in years of ship management, ship owners can be certain that our specialists’ recommendations are always on target.

Commercial Management

Actimar boasts commercial management services in all sectors for a diverse clientele. And when combined with our technical management offers an attractive package, especially to non-technical financial investors and institutions.

Our commercial department undertakes:

  *  Fixture and post fixture (including negotiation of charter      parties)

  *  Voyage estimates

  *  Lay time and hire statements

  *  Collection of freight

  *  Resolution of charter party disputes

  *  Profit and loss accounts

  *  Appointment of agents and provision of bunkers

We can tailor a full commercial management package and competitively place tonnage in liner trades, spot, period of term business to suit the client's commercial profile and ongoing requirements.