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What Actimar can do for you

Actimar is offering a wide range of services to our Charterers and Shipowners, such as Commercial and Operational Management,

Ship Sale & Purchase, Information Management, Market Indices, Voyage Estimations, fast negotiation and document editing, Market Information, Trends Analysis, and Risk Management tools.


Freight Forwarding

Port Agency

With agents in more than 120 countries around the globe, as well as its own intra-Mediterranean NVOCC service, Actimar can guarantee the best combination of speed, cost-effectiveness and reliability for its customers who can constantly monitor the progress of their shipments hassle-free.

Actimar will attend to its Principals' liner or tramp vessels calling Piraeus, Eleusis, Thessaloniki or any Greek provincial port, in a timely and faultless manner. Our port agency staff will make all necessary arrangements for the entry and clearance of the vessels with the relevant port and customs authorities, as well as for the prompt cargo operations and documentation.

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