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Port Agency

Actimar will attend to its Principals' liner or tramp vessels calling Piraeus, Eleusis, Thessaloniki or any Greek provincial port, in a timely and faultless manner.

Our port agency professionals will make all necessary arrangements for the entry and clearance of the vessels with the relevant port and customs authorities, as well as for the prompt cargo operations and documentation.

Piraeus port information

Latitude: 37°57’N

Longitude: 023°38’E

Time Zone: GMT +2

Max. Draft: 14.0m


Port description

Location: Piraeus lies on the Saronikos Gulf towards the SE of the mainland.

General overview: It is the major port in Greece and is the port for Athens, handling most cargoes in its main (central) port, Hercules port and subports, the latter occupying some of the many bays in the area.

Traffic figures: Approx 10,000,000t of cargo including 426,000 TEUs are handled by the port annually.

Max size: Largest vessel handled: 'Queen Elizabeth II' (in port), 'Happy Sailor' (in ship repair base).

Pre-arrival information

ETA’s: Initial ETA to be sent to vessel’s agent on departure from last port. Additional ETA’s to be sent 48, 24 and 12 hours prior to arrival to the vessel’s agent. One hour prior to arrival, port authorities, pilot and agents should be contacted by VHF giving exact time of arrival.

The ETA message should include: Ship’s particulars, cargo information, dangerous cargo (if any on board, with details), health condition and stowaway details (if any).

Documentation required:

Port authorities (one copy of each):

1. Ship’s particulars

2. Training certificates

3. Master’s Health Declaration

4. Master’s Declaration concerning disposal of any slops and bunkers, if any.

5. RLM Form (state form) declaring all crew on board on arrival

6. No Stowaways declaration

7. Load Line certificate.

Customs authorities (two copies of each):

1. Ship’s Stores List Declaration

2. Officer’s and Crew’s Personal Effects Declaration

3. Master’s Declaration that all electrical items, not sealed, and other goods will remain on board.

4. Masters Declaration for bunkers and cargo on board.

Special forms exist for all documents but apply only to liner vessels. These are delivered on board on arrival.

Radio: Hellas Radio (SVA), Iraklion, Limnos or Corfu Radio can be used for passing messages at long range. The stations work throughout 24 hours.

Inmarsat communication is possible.

Health regulations: Pratique should be applied for on arrival and cannot be applied for by radio.

Customs and immigration: Customs allowances: Each officer and crew member is allowed 1 bottle of spirits and 1 carton of cigarettes each.

Immigration: Immigration authorities issue crew passes. For EC nationals there are no immigration procedures. There are special regulations for nationals of countries such as Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Yugoslavia and South American countries.

Crew being repatriated to non European countries must have a ticket which the agent must show to the authorities, agent’s guarantees are requested by various authorities.

Notices of readiness: Can be tendered anytime but will only be accepted between 0800-1700hrs.

General notices & regulations: Landing from vessels arriving from a foreign port is prohibited without the permission of the appropriate authority.

Explosives: The loading and unloading of explosive materials is prohibited.


Port limits: Except for the area lying within the port of Elefsis, the port of Piraeus extends along the NE and N shores of Saronikos Kolpos from vicinity of Nisis Arsidha Lat 37°43’N, Long 023°54’E to Long 023°15’E.

Sea buoys, fairways and channels: The fairway of the approaches to Piraeus leads from the vicinity of Lat 37°51’N, Long 023°39’E to the pilot boarding place off Piraeus approx 5nm NNW. The fairway is deep and clear of dangers.

Caution: Heavy traffic is liable to be encountered in the approaches to Piraeus, with small craft proceeding in all directions and numerous large vessels at anchor in the roads.

Vessels entering and leaving the harbour are required to keep within an entrance channel 130m in width, the centreline of which extends from position Lat 37°56.2’N, Long 23°37’E in a 068.5° direction to Kendrikos Limin 8.5 cables ENE. The seaward end of the channel is marked by the head of Provlis Socony Lat 37°56.8’N, Long 023°36.8’E and the conspicuous chimney 5 cables NNW in line bearing 346.5°.

Vessels entering harbour should keep close SSE of the centreline. If proceeding to berths in Prolimin they may leave the entrance channel when within the harbour entrance.

From position Lat 37°56.2’N, Long 023°37’E, the fairway of the entrance channel leads ENE passing (with positions given from the head of Molos Themistokleous Lat 37°56.3’N, Long 023°37.3’E:

NNW of the head of Molos Themistokleous which should be given a berth of at least 15m. Molos Themistokleous light (round concrete tower, green band) is exhibited on the head of the mole. Then:

SSE of the head of Molos Vasileos Yeoryiou, 1.25 cables NNE, which should be given a berth of at least 15m. Molos Vasileos Yeoryiou light (round concrete tower, red band) is exhibited on the head of the mole. A foul area lies 60m S of the head of the mole. Then:

NNW of Akti Xaveriou, 4 cables ENE, a quay on the SE side of Prolimin. Then:

SSE of Ietonia Akra, 5.5 cables ENE, the point between Prolimin and Kendrikos Limin.

Pilot: Compulsory for all foreign vessels and any vessel over 150grt.

Vessels anchoring in Piraeus roads are not required to embark a pilot.

Anchorages: Outer anchorages: The principal outer anchorages are in:

Piraeus roads Lat 37°56’N, Long 023°35’E

Ormos Falirou Lat 37°56’N, Long 023°40’E

Poros Themistokleous Lat 37°56.8’N, Long 23°36.2’E.

Prohibited anchorage: Anchoring is prohibited within 800m of the head of Ormiskos Baikoutsi Lat 37°55.8’N, Long 023°37.9’E, between the bearings of 343° and 064°, due to the presence of submarine cables.

Anchoring is prohibited within 8 cables of the S coast of Nisis Psittalia due to the presence of submarine outfall pipes.

An anchorage area extends 6nm SW of Nisidha Atalandi, off the SE coast of Nisos Salamina.

A fairway, 3.5 cables in width, separates the NE side of the anchorage area from an area extending 7 cables S of the S coast of Nisis Psittalia.

The N part of the anchorage is encumbered by Vrakhoi Lhoiradhes (Skrofes), rocks above and below water, lying 8.5 cables WSW of Nisis Atalandi. The rocks are covered by the red sector, 065°-095°, off Nisis Atalandi light.

Tidal range and flow: Range 0.4m.

Dock density: 1025.

Weather: Prevailing winds: Variable. In general winds from S cause the sea level to rise and winds from N cause it to fall, but the level seldom if ever varies more than 0.5m above or below MSL.

VHF: Athens Radio (SVA); VHF ch 16.

Principal navigation aids: Major lights: Ellinikon areo light Lat 37°53.4’N, Long 023°44.2’E, Nisis Psittalia light Lat 37°56.7’N, Long 023°35.7’E.

Charts: 1087. Admiralty Pilot NP48.

Restrictions: Navigation is prohibited within 1 cable of the coast of Nisis Psittalia Lat 37°56.5’N, Long 023°35.4’E.

Vessels over 500grt are prohibited from entering an area within 8 cables of the S coast of Nisis Psittalia except for reasons of safety or emergency, due to the presence of submarine outfall pipes.

Vessels entering the harbour must proceed at as slow a speed as weather conditions permit, and in no circumstances exceed 5kn.

Within the entrance channel it is forbidden to cross the track of an approaching vessel, or to overtake another vessel.

Tugs: Compulsory for vessels over 1,000grt.




General cargo/Bulk berths: Total quayage about 9,000m, various depths:

   Draft (m)  Length (m)

Up to  5.0  1,486

From  6.0 - 9.0  995

Up to  10.0  3,588

Up to  11.5  636

Up to  12.0  110

Up to  12.5  2,181

The port of Piraeus consists essentially of three sections, the Central port, Hercules port and the surrounding bays.

Central port: There is 3,800m of quays in commercial use, and a further 3,000m for passenger traffic. Depths vary from 5.0-27m. Hercules port: Has 5,450m of quays for vessels with up to 10.0m draft is used mainly for bulk coal and grain, but also handles coastal traffic and fishing boats. The new container terminal is also in Hercules Port, with two gantry cranes.

Foron Bay: Pier with length of 200m and depth of 7.0m serves an extensive fertilizer and glass factories’ installation.

Drapetsona Bay: A quay of 1,000m length with a depth of 8.5m has a cement works and also accommodates Mobil and Fina tankers.

Container berths: Hercules port: Two quays, 950m each and one 700m quay all have 14m depth alongside.

Central port: One quay of 450m length, 12m depth.

Tanker berths: Seven tanker berths with the following max drafts:

No 1 Shell, 9.75m; No 2 BP, 10.97m; No 3 Elvyn, 7.92m; No 4 DEH, 10.97m; No 5 Petrolles, 8.84m; No 6 Purfina, 8.53m; No 7 Mobil, 14.63m. All these form a single oil jetty with depths from 8.0-15m.

The berths are in Perama and Drapetsona, and at Hercules port where there is a terminal for the State electricity corporation, DEH.

Ro-Ro berths: Hercules port has a ro-ro facility, length 350m and depth 10.5m; there are four ro-ro berths, and a further two at Central port.

Storage: Total area 245,000sq m storage space for 500,000t. This includes grain silage for 40,000t, a 5-floor bonded warehouse, four other warehouses totalling 28,400sq m with a capacity 149,950t, a passenger terminal and 1,663,000sq m of open storage.

Ballast/slop reception: Available.



Repairs: Well equipped repair yards and larger units are capable of undertaking any kind of repair. The principal repair facilities in the port of Piraeus are:

Limin Piraeus Lat 37°56.3’N, Long 023°37.3’E.

Perama ship repair yard Lat 37°57.8’N, Long 023°33.5’E.

Ormos Ambelakia Lat 37°57’N, Long 023°33’E, for naval vessels.

Salamis naval base Lat 37°58.7’N, Long 023°32’E for naval vessels.

Skaramangas shipyard Lat 38°00.3’, Long 023°35.7’E.

Elevsis shipyard Lat 38°02’N, Long 023°30’E.

Docking facilities: A graving dock with 500,000t capacity, 2 smaller graving docks with up to 10,000t capacity and 7 floating docks.

Bunkers/water/stores: Fresh water: Available.

Bunkering: All marine requirements can be met.

Provisions: Approx 300 ship chandlers serve the port.

Medical facilities: In town; Tzanion Hospital, Public Hospital and Mataxas Hospital.

Transport: Nearest airport: Athens, 14km.

Nearest railway: Piraeus.